Activities & Events​

Barn Dances

Howdy y’all! Join us for a Sycamore Creek barn dance! We’ll be doin’ a little line dancin’, two-steppin’, and some country waltzin’ at the Heartwood Barn. This is a family-friendly, multigenerational event. 

Ages 3-11: $5.00
Ages 12 & up: $10.00
Ages 2 and Under: Free

Fall Festival – The Fall Roundup

Here at the ranch, we celebrate Fall in a way that honors the best of nature. We don’t do “evil, spooky, scary” and don’t clutter our wide open spaces with a carnival-style atmosphere. This is an “organic” experience. We invite you to come out and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty while enjoying lots of fun activities.

Ages 2 & under: Free
Ages 3 and up: $8
Active Duty Military (with ID): $1 off

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