Breaking in the Barn – O’Dell/Ternes Barn Wedding

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How do you write a blog post about an event that marks the beginning of a beautiful, God-ordained journey for one couple and the fruition of a dream for another? It’s impossible to adequately capture the gravity of these life events in words.

If you visited our “About” page, you know that Sycamore Creek Family Ranch is a dream God planted in our hearts. We’ve been obediently clinging to him as we move forward in faithfulness to his vision for families.

The barn is a focal point of the property – especially its location with the stalwart and beautiful sycamore tree standing right behind it. Barn construction began last November. With a month and a half delay in construction due to our inability to source the massive 12″ timbers, we were tight in meeting our deadline. Everyday, our crew had Molly’s barn wedding on May 21st at the forefront of their minds.

Along the way we unexpectedly lost our precious dog, Suubi, to cancer, and two weeks before the wedding we learned our son has a large tumor in his jawbone. We would appreciate your prayers as he will be having a biopsy soon.

Despite the setbacks and loss, we know God is good, loving, and kind. He has consistently provided what we’ve needed whether that be strength and perseverance, or him moving people into our path who have the specific skill sets we need at just the right time. This journey has been amazing. We constantly stand in awe of God.

The final weeks were filled with long 18-hour days in our efforts to complete construction for Molly’s barn wedding. We owe a ton to all the friends, family, staff, volunteers from Kanakuk, construction professionals, and our amazingly talented and ethical general contractor, Ty Cofer of Petra Homes. Ty was so patient with us, never complained, and put in many extra hours on custom work. He treated every person on the project respectfully throughout the entire process. When May 21st arrived, the barn was ready!

Jonathan, Molly, and her family initially looked at our property when barn construction was just in its infancy. They signed a contract and trusted in us to deliver. Mike and I are two people who keep our word, so there was no other option but to make that happen.

The mother of the bride spent long hours on decor and planning. Her efforts really paid off and honored the love she has for her daughter. Their celebration was stunning and a Pinterest lovers dream!

We feel so privileged to have kicked off weddings at the barn with this sweet couple. Seriously! It was an amazing day.

Here are some photos we took to chronicle the day. They will serve as fabulous inspiration for our upcoming brides. Enjoy!