Groundbreaking and Life at the Ranch!

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sycamore creek family ranch

Ranch life has been full lately. We’ve decided to tell you the story in pictures. Hope that’s okay.

sycamore creek family ranch groundbreaking

Getting ready for the barn groundbreaking.

sycamore creek family ranch

Final moments before turning the earth.

sycamore creek family ranch groundbreaking

The first plow of ground. We’ve waited for this moment for so long. Thought it might never get here, but here we are. In late spring 2016 a barn will stand on this ground!

sycamore creek family ranch groundbreaking

Oh happy day! We’re so excited about the memories that will be made, families that will be strengthened, and marriages that will begin on this spot of earth.

sycamore creek family ranch work day

Saturdays have been work days at the ranch. Some local students have come to help us. The girls are painting signs for brides to use at future Branson weddings.

sycamore creek family ranch, branson weddings

sycamore creek family ranch work day

Cleaning up the property.

sycamore creek family ranch work day

Happily at work!  For some reason people love the environment here!

sycamore creek family ranch work day

Hauling rocks – and people – to the fire pit.

sycamore creek family ranch trench digging

Digging an outer trench.

hauling rock

laying rock border

Laying rocks.

fire pit

Great crew! Awesome teamwork and sense of community! One of my favorite community times during the work day is our “family” lunch. What is it about food and friends? They go together so well!



Mulching the perimeter. The guy in the striped shirt may look like an inmate, but he’s actually a ref. He used to play college football. He stopped by to help after his games.

work cres

Thankful for our team who we lovingly call “family.” (Check out Bradley Cooper in the backseat! Okay. Just kidding! But can’t you see the resemblance?)

sycamore creek family ranch, fire pit, Branson hayrides, campfire rental

Fire pit almost complete – except for the basket in the center. We’re getting a larger basket custom made for some rip-roaring bonfires.

sycamore creek family ranch, haying

Mike learning new skills putting away hay bales. Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

sycamore creek family ranch, ranch house, branson weddings

Friends came to visit and applied their skills to our ranch house renovation.

sycamore creek family ranch, ranch house, branson weddings

Sycamore creek family ranch, branson family fun

They brought their dog and worked all weekend! We’re incredibly grateful for friends who enjoy serving. (Isn’t that a photo worth framing?!)

sycamore creek family ranch

Beauty at the ranch.

sycamore creek family ranch

sycamore creek family ranch

Day’s end. We can’t think of a better place to be.

Thanks for stopping in. Come back again soon for future updates.

Love your families well,

Mike & Lisa