Ranch House Renovation: Before and After

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Howdy! For the past five months, we’ve been knee-deep in renovations on the lower level of the ranch house. Why would we tackle such a huge project? Because the views of the lake (and the sunsets across the lake) are too beautiful to keep to ourselves. They’re meant to be shared.

We’ve created an outdoor venue with indoor amenities that really capitalizes on the gorgeous setting. The interior is now complete, and our venue is ready for intimate wedding celebrations and private events (for up to 100 people).

The ranch house is special. Jim Fulkerson built it as a home for his family.

As we worked to bring something new out of the old, it was important for us to respect the previous owners by remembering it’s honorable beginnings and the love that went into its construction by transforming the home with excellence. We chose to keep the stone wall and antique stove. They add rich character! We also kept the barn wood from the walls and reused it for trim work, one of the bathroom walls, and the back wall of the catering area.

Closets and walls were removed to open the space up. The existing bathroom was expanded to make room for two bathroom facilities. An exterior wall was removed and the space extended. Floor to ceiling windows and french doors were installed to take advantage of the gorgeous lake views. We replaced the deck, applied a textured finish and masonry to the raw concrete outside, and added a patio and fire pit.

The finished product is beautiful from the wood tile floors to the patio to the unique way the walls were finished out. Check out the photos below.

Bedroom to Bridal Room Renovation:

From One Bathroom to Two:

From Back Bedroom to Gathering Area:

Expanding the Space and Opening Up the Views:

On one side . . .

And the other . . .

 And Renovations Outside:

Now to finish the barn!

Come out and see us. We’d love to give you a tour. You can schedule your visit through email (sycamorecreekfamilyranch@gmail.com) or by calling Lisa at 417.593.9628.

Because families are worth fighting for,

Mike & Lisa