Winter Weddings: 9 Reasons to Consider One

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Winter weddings. Have you considered one? Sometimes thinking outside the box can bring big advantages – and savings. Brides typically choose a wedding date during warmer months. Winter weddings are becoming more popular – and with good reason.

Here are 11 amazing reasons winter weddings are so great!

1. Better Pricing

There are typical go-to days and times of year for weddings. May, June, September, and October are the most popular months. Saturday is the day of the week most brides desire.

Day of the Week

Did you know that you can realize tremendous savings by booking your wedding on a different day of the week other than Saturday? At Sycamore Creek Family Ranch, our Friday, Sunday, and weekday rates offer significant savings for every bride.

Time of Year

As you search for a venue, always ask about off-season rates. Our off-season rates provide even bigger savings for brides dreaming of a wedding at the ranch. For instance, rates in July and August are 10% below regular season rates.

Our best rates are during the off-season (December – March). Winter weddings at the ranch leave more money in your pocket for the personal details.

Mary Fields Photography

2. Venue Availability

Brides have booked their weddings with us as far as two years in advance. More commonly, they book their venue 18 months in advance. This means high season dates go very quickly. Winter weddings give you more available date options.

3. Vendor Availability

Fall and Spring are incredibly busy for wedding vendors. They typically book out very early during this time. With fewer events in the winter, they’ll have more open dates and be able to give you more attention during the winter months.

4. More Affordable Honeymoon Travel

A winter wedding allows you to take advantage of off-season pricing for travel too. Think of the places you could go! Prices during winter holidays are an exception as they will likely be higher.

5. Weather 

There are no worries about wind, rain, or humidity – and no last-minute changes or decisions about moving an outdoor ceremony indoors because of the weather. You can rest easy because everything is planned for an indoor event.

6. Ambiance Inside the Heartwood Barn Event Venue

If you’re going to be indoors, there’s no better place than the Heartwood Barn at Sycamore Creek. We can tell you for a fact that a winter wedding inside our majestic Timber Frame Barn is truly magical! The 30-foot ceilings, large beams, vintage lighting, and warmth of the aged wood create a cozy, beautiful ambiance for any winter wedding. And brides have complimentary access to our mobile hand-crafted arbor made of rough-hewn timbers.

The Sycamore Creek Family Ranch Heartwood Barn is not an old animal barn with big gaps between the wood allowing cold air to blow through. Our barn was constructed with heat which means the barn stays nice and warm during events. It was designed and built with the highest quality custom craftsmanship to serve specifically as an event venue.

Mary Fields Photography (left photo)/PhotoGenie Photography (center photo)/SCFR Photo (right)

There are many ceremony/reception layout options for winter weddings inside the Heartwood Barn. Photo on the left has traditional seating with a long aisle down the middle of the barn. For this large wedding, the bride’s reception tables were set up and ready to go in a tent. While the barn was transformed for the reception, guests moved to the covered porch to enjoy refreshments where mobile heaters kept them warm.

Middle photo shows a ceremony set up in the center of the barn under the large chandelier and cupola. This is suitable for a smaller wedding ceremony. Reception tables were set up inside the north and south ends of the venue – on both sides of the ceremony area.

The right photo shows dinner theater seating where reception tables were set up and tables moved aside to create an aisle down the middle for the bride. For the reception, tables were quickly moved back into place in the center.

7. Non-Traditional Floral Decor

Everything about a winter wedding is unique and will make your wedding memorable in comparison with the overabundance of warm-weather weddings.

Rather than using traditional floral elements, evergreen pieces are unique, beautiful, and bring a fresh heady scent to your gathering. We love the way this bride used greenery to drape a frame at her photo booth. Equally as memorable is the way she suspended the frame with fishing line to give it a “floating in mid-air” look.

Color palettes inspired by the season also create a unique feel that is very different from Spring/Summer weddings. These arrangements are just beautiful!

*Floral: He Loves Me Flowers/Photos in this section compliments of Mary Fields Photography

8. Seasonal Elements Make Winter Weddings Stand Out

Winter allows you to incorporate many unique and special details.

What other time of year gives you so many great options for drinks? Serve spiced cider or mulled wine as guests arrive – or hire Fellow Coffee Company to set up their mobile coffee service. Past wedding guests have loved their full specialty coffee menu that includes chai lattes and gourmet hot chocolate.

A hot chocolate bar will also set your event apart as it warms your guests from the inside out.

You can use blankets to make your guests feel warm and cozy! We’ve seen brides place blankets in baskets at our fire pit or they can be draped over chairs at your reception.

S’mores at the fire pit are perfect for a chilly day and give guests another fun element to enjoy during your special day.

*Photos in this section compliments of Mary Fields Photography

9. Guest Availability

During wedding’s high season, your invited guests may have several other weddings on the same date – or in the same month. Hosting a winter wedding will make it possible for more of your guests to attend. There will be fewer conflicting engagements during the off season and your friends/family won’t have to make decisions based on finances. During high season, traveling and buying gifts for multiple weddings can be a financial strain.

Contact Lindsay, our Director of Weddings, at (918) 946-6422 for information about winter weddings at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch or to schedule a private tour. You can also reach Lindsay through email.