About Us

About Us in a Nutshell

Here at SCFR we believe wholeheartedly in the value of marriage and family. We are committed to nurturing families. Our desire is to create an environment where the family unit is supported and built up so that families become lasting entities where children grow up in healthy, stable homes.

Our Story From The Beginning

The seeds for this business began with a simple prayer. God answered that prayer by immediately pouring out his idea for a “ministry” to families. The conveyance of this dream does not in any way mean that we are somehow “special.” As in – “Oh look at us! God gave us something cool to be about.” Quite the opposite. We are undeserving, unqualified, and inexperienced at this sort of business. We are inadequate without His help. He has been very gracious to allow us – flawed and messy as we are – to be a part of what he wants to do in this crazy world. The truth is – our inadequacies magnify His adequacy and goodness as He continually provides what we need to build this business.”

I (Lisa) typed up the idea God planted in my heart and stored it on my computer. Six years later, my husband, Mike, and I started sharing the idea with other people. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Since that time, we’ve been developing SCFR one step at a time.


Sycamore Creek Family Ranch Owners

Developing this idea has been an exercise in perseverance and patience as we have faced MANY challenges, and have had to learn businesses we had zero experience in. Trust me when I say that God has revealed many personal weaknesses and has been painfully refining us along the way. We are not perfect people and have done many things imperfectly; however, whether developing past ministries or other businesses, one of our core values and highest goals is excellence. It always has been. That’s just who we are.

A Broken Culture

In our culture today, the family unit is not experiencing excellence. There are many “walking wounded” due to brokenness in the family structure.

The state of the family impacts the state of our culture. When families are strong, children are holistically healthier and happier, and society as a whole improves.

Abraham Lincoln once shared, “The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people.” The team at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch believes this to be true.

“Families are the basic, foundational social units in all human communities around the world, and healthy individuals within healthy families are at the core of a healthy society. It’s in everyone’s best interest, then, to help create a positive environment for families.” University of Nebraska – NebGuide by UNL Extension Family Life specialists and educators (John DeFrain, Gail Brand, Jeanette Friesen, Dianne Swanson) http://ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/live/g1890/build/g1890.pdf

Mike and I grew up in tough family situations and understand the importance of being able to grow up in a healthy family unit. It is our desire to see the culture transformed, lives changed, and God glorified through the development of solid, thriving families.

Mike and I – and our incredible team – believe families are worth fighting for!

Sycamore Creek Family Ranch Owner's Family

Our Mission At Sycamore Creek Family Ranch

Transform the culture by strengthening families


SCFR is unique. It combines agritourism and ministry* in one beautiful place.

Agritourism is “any agriculturally-based operation that brings visitors to a farm or ranch.”

At SCFR, our hope is to help all types of families re-engage, bond, and thrive . . . blended families, single parent families, adoptive families, foster families, families with children who have special needs, and traditional families. This is accomplished through a facility, loving staff, resources, and quality family activities in a wholesome ranch setting.

*While we are a for-profit business, we wholeheartedly believe all of life is ministry. Our commitment to develop SCFR is rooted solely in our relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ as we are empowered by His Holy Spirit. Life with Him has always been a grand adventure! Sometimes good, often very challenging and difficult – but always a sweet and grand adventure nonetheless.

Our Location

The ranch is in the heart of the Ozark mountains in Branson, Missouri. We’re located approximately 6 miles from the Branson Landing.

The Meaning Behind The Name

The sycamore is one of the most enduring trees in the world. Their lifespan can be as long as 500 to 600 years – a perfect symbol for what Sycamore Creek Family Ranch wants to accomplish . . . “building families that last.”

So that’s our story so far! We appreciate you taking a moment to get to know a little about us. We’d love for you to come to one of our events so we can get to know a little about you!

Mike & Lisa